Replica 4: Impressionism!

[All images can be enlarged if you click on them]

This is the fourth of four replica posts.  It’s standard practice for art conservation students to create replicas in order to better understand how artists and workshops created art in the past.  These replicas courses focus on the materials and materials used in various regions and time periods.

This is going to be a very short post.  I think I spent all of about 5 hours on this painting.  And it might not have been that long.

In the 19th century tube paint was created.  Up until this point, artists or their workshop had to hand grind their pigments and mix their paints. But once tube paint was created, artists could go out and buy pre-made paint!  This also allowed artists to take paint outside and work in the moment.  That’s Impressionism.  So for this we used pre-made tube oil paints and we painted on canvas board from the store.

So…. I just looked at my pictures, and I have one of this.  That’s how fast I painted it.  So here you are, the finished painting!

Impressionism replica


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