Painting Restoration class #1

I was going to have some witty title for this, but decided against it because the work in this post will be impressive enough without the need for wit. 

In the first real session of my Painting Restoration class, we cleaned a painting.  A whole painting.  I still have to get the specs on it, but I am guessing it is about 4 feet by 6 feet.

When we started, it looked like this (sorry the angle on this one is not that great):


Can you tell what it is?  We could kind of see some of the figures…

And then we started cleaning… Here you can see part that I was working on:


In case you were wondering, it is the bottom of the priest’s/monk’s robe thingy.

But there was still so much more to do!…


After the first cleaning, here is what it looked like:


That was when our professor discovered that there was a varnish layer on this painting he didn’t know about!  So that meant more cleaning, this time with harsher chemicals.  Here is a shot where you can see in the blue before and after where the varnish was:


Just look at how much discoloration was still on there!

And here you have it after the entire painting was cleaned like that:


We don’t know tons about the history of the painting yet.  And there is still a lot of work left to be done.  I didn’t include some of the steps here because I just wanted to give the overall picture of what was done. Still left are attaching it to a new canvas back, attaching it to the stretcher bars, and doing repairs and in-painting.

So that’s what I worked on Monday… what did you do?


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  1. You’re like an archeologist but with art!!! This is sooo cool!!! Oh my gosh I just got an idea for a movie!!! What if someone approached you about coming to a museum they are opening where they have figured out how to make the paintings come alive. When you get there something terrible happens, there’s a big storm and the power goes out and all systems go down and the paintings figure how to escape their wall hangings and run around the entire museum and eat people!! and YOU have to help escape!

    I feel like this is a great premise for a movie! They should really do this!!!!

    Anyway, I miss you and hope all is well.


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