Like a princess…

A couple nights ago we had our welcome dinner for LdM students.  We arrived and were floored by the place.  More details on that in a moment. 

A few minutes after getting there, a student I met called my flatmate and needed helping finding the dinner.  She had gotten lost coming to find us, so I had to give directions.  I tried to give directions based on the streets around our apartment since she knew where our apartment was, and I knew how to get to the place from the apt.  At first I sounded like Ian Malcolm giving directions to Ellie in Jurassic Park.  But after some confusion, I began to sound more like Hammond, and the phone was taken away from me.  I tried to use that Jurassic Park reference on my flatmate, but it was lost on her.  Kids these days don’t know good movies…

Anyway!  At one point I said, “Go towards the crowds of Americans heading to a palace.”  There was a brief pause before the student said, “… A palace?”

Yep.  A palace.  I had dinner in an Italian palace —  The Palazzo Borghese.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but since the entire palace was full of students, it was too hard.  But here you go.  These are the pictures that turned out pretty good, and one taken by my other flatmate…



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