To Italy and beyond?

I don’t know why I thought this would be a good idea, but I decided to start a new blog, one separate from my work one.  This one will be used for everything else, really.  Italy, attempts at grad school, my downward spiral into insanity…

So let’s start this one with something interesting.  Today at work I saw a monster.  It tried to kill me while I was peeing.  That might be a bit dramatic, but I did see some type of critter that I’ve never seen before.  It was like a cross between a millipede and a snake.  A.  Snake.  Three inches long, super skinny, millions of legs, but it slithered like a snake in an “S” pattern.  I called my coworker over and when she saw it, she gasped and hurried away.  And then it FREAKED OUT when I got near it, like it was having seizures.  My face gave a snake/millipede/creature a seizure.  I had to slay this psychotic snake creature before it attacked me.  But as I went in for the kill, it slithered under the base board.  And just like that it was gone.  We have no clue where it went.  But now all I can think about is how it is probably an alien that came down in an meteor.  Cue one of the worm/creature scenes from Evolution.  Ya know the ones where worm things are found leading into a closet/shed/[fill in the blank room], and when someone goes in they find a ridiculously evolved creature?  I really hope I don’t find some type of monster in the bathroom tomorrow.  Although maybe that will deter patients from using the staff bathroom and wreck the pipes again.

Where’s David Duchovny when we need him?

In other news, today I used my new vacuum for the first time.  It has a retractable cord, and I was successful in not hitting myself in the face with said cord as it whipped back into the machine.  Small victories.

(Psst… that up there… that’s the first time I ever used a gif in a post.  I’m way too proud of that.  And I’m even more proud that I was able to find this gif.)


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